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i went for a walk...


<p align="center">Went for a walk&nbsp;<br />On a long long path&nbsp;<br />Looking for a road&nbsp;<br />No time to ask<br />&nbsp;Felt our hearts beating heavy<br />&nbsp;Felt our heads swirling with confusion<br />&nbsp;So I walked and I walked and I walked<br />&nbsp;And what did I find???&nbsp;<br />A great big tree Standing in our way<br />&nbsp;CHOP IT DOWN SAID YOU<br />&nbsp;CHOP IT DOWN SAID I&nbsp;<br />THEN IT BEGAN TO CRY&nbsp;<br />THIS GREAT BIG TREE&nbsp;<br />THIS GREAT BIG TREE&nbsp;<br />BETWEEN YOU AND I&nbsp;<br />STANDING THERE&nbsp;<br />UNDER A BIG BLUE SKY<br /><br />&nbsp;WEEP WEEP CHEEP CHEEP SLEEP SLEEP<br />&nbsp;SUCKLE BERRY PIE&nbsp;<br /><br />HYMN HYMN<br />&nbsp;ON A WIM&nbsp;AND A TIN&nbsp;<br />OVER THE MOON IN A FERRY&nbsp;<br />AND DIE<br /><br />&nbsp;SO THERES THIS GREAT BIG TREE<br />&nbsp;STANDING BETWEEN YOU &amp; I&nbsp;<br /><br />CHOP IT DOWN CHOP IT DOWN SAID THE PIG&nbsp;<br />CAUSE ITS MUCH TOO HIGH<br />&nbsp;CHOP IT DOWN CHOP IT DOWN SAID THE LAMB<br />&nbsp;CAUSE IT MIGHT FALL DOWN&nbsp;<br />CHOP IT DOWN? CHOP IT DOWN? ASKED THE OWL???&nbsp;<br />NOT I NOT I NOT I<br /><br />&nbsp;RUN AWAY RUNAWAY RUNAWAY&nbsp;<br /><br />NOW!!!!<br />&nbsp;DO IT!!DO IT!!! DO IT!! DO IT!!!&nbsp;<br />SAID THE GRAZING COW&nbsp;<br />CHOP IT CHOP IT CHOP IT<br />&nbsp;CAUSE THE FRUIT<br />&nbsp;HAS ALREADY FALLEN&nbsp;<br />LOOK!!!&nbsp;<br />ITS OVER THERE<br />&nbsp;Laying ON THE GROUND<br /><br />&nbsp;SO THE GREAT BIG TREE<br />&nbsp;STANDING BETWEEN YOU &amp; I&nbsp;<br /><br /><br />WHAT DO WE DO<br />&nbsp;AS IT SAID<br />&nbsp;IM PROTECTED BY THE GOAT<br />&nbsp;Im protected by the goat<br />&nbsp;You can find him over there<br />&nbsp;Hes grazing&nbsp;<br />OVER THERE&nbsp;<br />on the fruit Already fallen<br /><br />THE GOAT MAKES A SIGH <br /></p>