From the recording mommaluv!!!2012

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PRETTY plastic in my basket
someones spending
all the lending
as theyre bending
just pretending
golden caskets
now lining in a row
trying to tippy toe

but we all fall down

get up get up
theres no time
to throw those apples
that you won
in a half baked sun
oh do tell
what youve become

my country tis of thee
what is it
that we shall see
flower beds of crudette
brocalli on a spear
painted with valentine fear
& red pig bay
oh just
shut up shut up

cause weve all fallin down
and now take a look
and see whos around?

and watch whos laying on the ground
as you tippy toe
around the golden caskets
and see whos lined up in a row
oh no
whos fallin down???
whos on the ground??
did i forget to mention
to mention
its pay day?
and you cant spit out
what you already chewed
so shut up
shut up
you cant up!!!!!!!!!!!