1. EveryboDy

From the recording mommaluv!!!2012

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everybody!!! time to put your head up even though the tears are draggin you down let them bring you where the happiness goes let them take where sorrow knows another way to lift you up so your head can be held high yeah its so easy its so easy its so easy no need to do it cause you have to appease me its your happiness that your not treating right. its your life that you keep out of the light times are changing & theyre gonna get worse before they get any better ommmm it just the way life's path is set up to show you where you must be take it easy & you will see make no mistake that you wont struggle make no mistake you will have to juggle high times as well as low do you even know what it is you want do you even know what you must do? why you need someone to tell you? you have your heart your body your mind & your soul start usin what you already know