1. Perfect WOrld

From the recording mommaluv!!!2012

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in A perfect world there are people who believe that the perfect world they are livin in will change & no one will grieve anymore on the blood thats been shed for a world beyond graced with peace do you hear as they whisper their words of empathy do you hear as they reach for you & me?? to do the same and we know theyre being heard and we know there are others in a not so perfect world doing the same and its a damn shame when no one hears what you keep to yourself no one hears what you are afraid to say when you see a day filled with tears & blood dripping away on bodies of the ones you could have saved YEAH! its damn damn shame when the blood on the hand of another begins to drip from your own when YOU could have whispered words of peace helping others WHISPER EVEN louder BECOMING A SHOUT FOR PEACE so do not walk on by & do not ignore the smallest cry that falls on your ears we cannot ignore it anymore we must find a way to comfort all those grieving & in pain somehow comfort somehow this could be your calling somehow someone could be falling into your arms opening for peace in their not so perfect world and your whisper could be replace another's cry who has been silenced by the blood that has been shed by those who've been mislead by war yes there will be peace in a perfect world