From the recording mommaluv!!!2012

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ERASE RASICM WITH THESE 10 THINGS: 1 Act 2 Unite 3 Support the Victims 4 Do your Homework 5 Create an Alternative 6 Speak up 7 Lobby Leaders 8 Look Long Range 9 Teach Tolerance 10 Dig Deeper


Let urself be the one Who makes ANOTHER FEEL LIKE HE BeLONGS MAKE one FEEL LIKE HEwas born JUST LIKE breath the same feel the same SEE the same hate... Have u ever HAD… a bat hit UR head? ur neck lynched to the branch of a tree? ur feet tied to the back of a pick-up As ur body was drug through the sand by another man? ur momma taken away just because she had something to say? And ur daddy never came home… one day?? Have u ever… buried a friend whose casket had to be closed cause u wouldn’t recognize his face anyway? got a call from school cause ur kid was found dead found dead found dead Cause of something somebody said as they smashed him to the ground til he was dead have u ever? Have u ever? Have u ever?

Lyrics: Yeah the jokes may sound funny When theyre said But they can enter somones head And turn on another Spilling someones blood Drop by drop Who never heard what U said No never heard a word But it will remain the bloods on ur hands Even though it spilled somewhere else Left a family in despair A memory that never can be forgotten Left people saying prayers That just couldn’t give them comfort Just reminders that things shouldn’t be this way No more no more no more No more. Have u ever… watched a house burn to the ground As crosses blinded ur eyes got a letter from a friend behind bars incarcerated Just because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and his skin was darker than yours heard the cries of children who had to run for cover cause their classes were interrupted by bombs had to walk with a gas mask or a gun just to get groceries at a store only several steps away watched a person get turned away cause they couldn’t entire a place on that day? heard another person say hes okay for his kind seen a woman be raped as her man watched cause her skin didn’t match his seen a baby born then taken away raised to forget its heritage and never to be allowed to mention it again had to duck a bullet that came thru ur window cause someone didn’t like ur skin worked until ur skin bled & ur friend died from thirst as he stood right next to u talking about his kids & how much he loved them Have u ever? Have u ever? Have u ever?