Dedicated & inspired by a night of stella artois, good company, a snowfall & a facebook flunkie amongst 67+ adored facebook junkies, & the beauty of new friends…long live the power of a text message and chance happenings.

Hey mr superific
Sure youre terrific
coULD BE the next prolific

So superelastic & super fantastic
Making my head go bombastic

Sometimes we gotta do
What the man tells us to
And sometimes we gotta be
So the man will set us free
Once we stand for what
we’re suppose to be

dr. seuss was my best friend
black coffee with him
every now & then
in the morning
in the afternoon
and even when the moon was full
he would say I was great
while we played crazy 8
now his eulogy
he was my thrill
he was my thrill

Mr. Superduper
You’ve been a trooper
Please don’t be the next American blooper

Some know him as Bob Rahmanian or Dr.Bob: Producer of everything from electronic glitchy Jazz and dub rock, to sound- sculpted DnB and Avant Garde Speed Metal. He’ll produce anything that inspires him somehow &
he brought tears to my eyes.